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Tailored Training Solutions for Complex Behaviours
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Your dog deserves to reach their full potential

We specialise in addressing complex behaviours in dogs including aggression, fear, anxiety, resource guarding, and leash reactivity.

Quite often, the behavioural problems that you are experiencing with your dog, are a symptom of a deeper underlying issue. Your dog’s Behavioural Consultation will start with an Initial Behaviour Assessment and Lesson, which goes for 2 hours. In this lesson, we firstly look at all areas of your dog’s lifestyle and behaviour, to establish the underlying reason for the behaviours they are exhibiting. We also take the time to help you understand why your dog is exhibiting this behaviour. 


Once these root causes are established, we get started with the foundational training steps required to address your dog’s specific training needs. Much of the Initial Lesson will be “owner-training”, before moving onto working directly with the dog. 

It is important to understand that most complex behaviours cannot be resolved in 1 lesson, so to continue your dog’s training and behaviour modification, we have designed a range of Private Training Programs to choose from.

Once we have completed the Initial Assessment and Lesson, and determined your dog’s training needs, we will be able to discuss which options will be best for you. Follow up lessons are usually 1 hour in duration.

Investment: $325

Initial Behaviour
Assessment and Lesson
(2 hours)

Initial Behaviour Assessment and Lesson (2 hours)

Through Knowledge and Understanding,
Comes Behavioural Change

Dog aggression is a serious issue that demands careful attention and professional guidance. The key to successfully addressing this behaviour is understanding and addressing underlying causes. 

Our focus is in identifying and understanding this root cause – essential for effectively managing or resolving any dangerous behaviour.

Dogs often face challenges like fear and anxiety, which can arise from genetics, inadequate early socialization, past traumas, or a lack of independence. These issues deeply affect their well-being and life quality.

At Think Canine, we take pride in assisting these dogs, cherishing the moments when we witness their confidence grow and flourish.

Resource guarding in dogs manifests as aggression or possessiveness over items like food or toys. The behaviour can range from growling to biting. At Think Canine, we specialize in addressing this, guiding dogs towards better behaviour and ensuring safety for all.

Trust us to help moderate your dog’s protective tendencies.

Leash reactivity is a common behaviour that can present as aggression, lunging, barking and/or over-excitement on the lead. Instead of being an enjoyable time spent with their dog, walking can become a time of great stress and anxiety for the owner. Leash reactivity is one if the most common behavioural problems we address in our Behaviour Consultations and Private Lessons. We also understand that a vital part of the training for leash reactive dogs, is building, or re-building, the owner’s confidence and trust in their dog, and in their leash handling skills. 

Aggression within multi-dog households is a serious and complex concern that requires swift action. It’s vital for the safety and well-being of all dogs involved to understand and address this behavior. Often, underlying issues such as resource guarding, fear, or relationship imbalances are at play. At Think Canine, we possess the expertise to diagnose these causes and offer tailored solutions. With our help, you can regain peace and harmony in your household, ensuring that all pets live cohesively. 

So What Are You Waiting For?

Eleanor (Ellie) Todd

The Obedience Specialist

Eleanor has been a dog lover and owner for as long as she can remember. Her career in dog training started out with some light volunteer work for Katrina a couple of years ago and she hasn’t looked back since. Having completed her Certificate III in Dog Training & Behaviour in 2018 through National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia, Eleanor has been a part of the Think Canine team since 2019. Her focus is primarily in areas of dog training are obedience, and trick training. She loves working with dogs and teaching them skills (that are both useful for the owners and fun for the dogs as well). She is also a doggy mum to an 8 year old Border Collie-Kelpie named Frodo.

Katrina Diem

Your Local Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant

As an Accredited Dog Trainer through the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia, Katrina brings extensive knowledge of canine learning theory and conducts her training sessions based on scientifically proven methods. The team regularly attend workshops that feature renowned trainers and behaviourists from around Australia and the world – to help keep up to date on the latest training techniques and behaviour modification programs.
Katrina is also a qualified Veterinary Nurse with over 18 years experience in Brisbane and Toowoomba, with a focus on general practice and emergency nursing.