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Frequently Asked Questions

No! It is important to start your puppy’s learning journey from the day you bring it home. Their Critical Socialisation Period window will start to close from 14 weeks of age. If you wait until your puppy has had all of its vaccinations before getting them out and about in the world, or before seeking training, you will most likely have missed your puppy’s most influential learning period. Keeping a puppy isolated while waiting for all their vaccinations, is a common cause of long term fear, anxiety and other behavioural issues. There are plenty of ways to safely socialise and train your puppy without risking their health and safety. Contact us to learn more.

Professional dog training not only addresses the underlying cause of behavioural issues but also provides a foundation for a dog’s mental stimulation, safety, and a healthy relationship between the dog and its owner. 

Puppies can begin basic training as early as 8 weeks old, through our group Puppy Preschool or In-Home Puppy Lessons.  It is important to set your pup up for success as early as possible, and address common puppy behaviours before they become rehearsed. Seeking early training, also helps to PREVENT potential behaviour issues from developing further down the track. Prevention is always better than waiting until your dog has developed unwanted or serious behavioural issues. 

The duration of training depends on the dog’s individual needs, the goals of the training, and how consistent the owner is with reinforcement at home. Some behaviours can be modified quickly, while others may take longer.

We offer a range of programs both online as well as face to face for family dogs, including: puppy development, general obedience training, behaviour modification, and specialized training based on specific needs. We do not provide competition or sport dog training, or assistance dog training.

We offer both group classes and private sessions to cater to the specific needs of every dog and owner. Please see our Services in the top menu of this website for our options available.

We employ positive reinforcement techniques, focusing on rewarding desired behaviours and gently correcting unwanted ones only when necessary. Our methods are humane, science-based, and designed to foster a strong bond between the dog and owner.

You can schedule a session by visiting our Contact Us page and filling out the form there. 

Costs vary based on the specific program or session type. Please refer to the particular service listed under “Services” at the top menu of this website, or contact us directly for more details.

Absolutely. We have extensive experience working with various behavioural challenges and can design a training plan tailored to address your dog’s specific needs.

No, we do not specifically offer Assistance Dog Training or assessment for the Public Access Test, but we can help with the dog’s general obedience training.

Eleanor (Ellie) Todd

The Obedience Specialist

Eleanor has been a dog lover and owner for as long as she can remember. Her career in dog training started out with some light volunteer work for Katrina a couple of years ago and she hasn’t looked back since. Having completed her Certificate III in Dog Training & Behaviour in 2018 through National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia, Eleanor has been a part of the Think Canine team since 2019. Her focus is primarily in areas of dog training are obedience, and trick training. She loves working with dogs and teaching them skills (that are both useful for the owners and fun for the dogs as well). She is also a doggy mum to an 8 year old Border Collie-Kelpie named Frodo.

Katrina Diem

Your Local Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant

As an Accredited Dog Trainer through the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia, Katrina brings extensive knowledge of canine learning theory and conducts her training sessions based on scientifically proven methods. The team regularly attend workshops that feature renowned trainers and behaviourists from around Australia and the world – to help keep up to date on the latest training techniques and behaviour modification programs.
Katrina is also a qualified Veterinary Nurse with over 18 years experience in Brisbane and Toowoomba, with a focus on general practice and emergency nursing.