Puppy Training
Building Engagement, Confidence & Socialisation
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Puppy Training

Experience the joy of a new puppy while being confident in how to manage common challenges like biting, chewing, jumping, crying, and toileting training.

The first 4 months of age is THE most important learning and developmental stage of your puppy’s life. What your puppy learns or does not learn from their experiences during this time, can have a permanent effect on their long term behaviour. Therefore this is the most important time, to ensure that you are investing in the right trainer for advice and training. 

Most puppy owners feel overwhelmed addressing typical puppy behaviours due to the abundance of conflicting information online. Think Canine offers a variety of puppy training services suited for every lifestyle and budget, guiding you through your pup’s crucial early months.

Many puppy owners are left feeling frustrated and confused about how to address these common puppy behaviours, especially with so much conflicting information available.

Think Canine has a range of puppy training services available, for all lifestyles and budgets, to help you through these important first months with your puppy.

Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool classes are available for pups between 8-14 weeks of age at the course start date.

Puppy owners choose Think Canine, because our Puppy Preschool differs from other local Puppy Preschools, or Puppy Preschools they’ve been to in the past. It is a puppy development program, designed and taught by experienced, Nationally Accredited Dog Trainers. 


Our Puppy Preschool aims to provide you with all the essential science and research-based behaviour and training information required when bringing a new puppy into your family. It also provides a safe environment for providing early socialisation. 


Our small group classes of only 5-6 puppies allows our trainers to ensure that everyone receives some 1 on 1 help in class, but if you feel you would like further help, we can also provide Private Puppy Lessons in your home. 

Our Puppy Preschool course covers: 

As a bonus, you will also receive:

Course Details

Puppy Preschool

When: Monday Evenings 6:00pm or 7:30pm

Where: Indoors at Rockville Scout Den, 

 245 Tor Street, Toowoomba 

Course Duration: 6 x 1 hour lessons 

Requirements: 1st vaccination 2 weeks prior to starting

Investment: $275 

Monday evenings don’t fit your schedule?

See our Online Puppy Preschool

Some of our Puppy Preschool Graduates

If you're simply seeking a casual play space for your puppy,
we might not be the perfect fit.
However, if you're committed to nurturing your puppy's development
and providing them with an optimal beginning,
we're eager to connect with you!

Private Puppy Training

Private Puppy Training is the gold standard in puppy training. One of our qualified Trainers will come to your home, customising sessions to your pup’s unique personality and needs. We can guide you on how to make your home more puppy friendly, how to integrate your puppy into a multi-dog household, and on how to address common puppy issues such as biting, jumping up, toilet training, crate training, separation related anxiety and over-excitement. 


Working with you and your puppy directly in your home, allows training to implemented more effectively. You’ll receive personalized feedback and advice throughout the process as your puppy learns basic commands, manners, confidence and socialisation skills. 


We can also provide Socialisation and Confidence Lessons, where your Trainer will visit a local park with you, to demonstrate how to correctly socialise your puppy to the world around them. Invest in Private Puppy Training for a lasting, healthy relationship with your newest family member.

Online Puppy Preschool

If you are unable to access professional puppy training in your local area, or classes don’t fit into your weekly schedule, our Online Puppy Preschool Course may be the right option for you.


This training method offers you the flexibility to train your puppy from the comfort of your home. Our online course covers everything we teach in our group Puppy Preschool classes, plus more!


For just $145, you will receive over 8 hours of puppy behaviour theory and practical skills demonstrations to work through at your own pace, as well as our Puppy Training Ebook and our Socialisation Ebook.

What our Puppy Clients say...

Just finished the 6 week puppy preschool class and it was brilliant. Katrina was fantastic and even though there were a few pups, we we still felt like we got all of the one-on-one attention that we needed! Trainers were so kind and patient, and offered so much support!

Couldn't recommend Think Canine Training and Behaviour enough! Held the only puppy preschool that accepts puppies from 8 weeks that I could find. Found starting at 8 weeks to be the most beneficial in training my staffy pup. Since starting and completing the puppy preschool my puppy has become well mannered, a little less timid and gave me very helpful tips along the way.

I can't recommend Katrina enough for her help and knowledge with puppy training and obedience... very hands on with small classes and really has a big focus on training the owner as well as your puppy.

Katrina came out to our place for a private training session today with our puppy Flossy and we were so impressed. She is friendly, very personable, professional and obviously knows exactly what she is talking about. We can't get over the change already in our puppy. Katrina has taught us skills that will hopefully lead to a well trained border collie. We will definitely have a follow up session and we wholeheartedly recommend her if you need some help with puppy training. Thanks Katrina!

I would strongly recommend Katrina to anyone wanting a very professional, experienced, well proven training program for their puppies. We completed Katrina's puppy plus classes and by the end of the 6 weeks we had learnt the necessary basic training skills to enable us to go away with the confidence to continue our puppy's training at home. The skills Katrina taught work and was both enjoyable for us as well as our puppy.

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Eleanor (Ellie) Todd

The Obedience Specialist

Eleanor has been a dog lover and owner for as long as she can remember. Her career in dog training started out with some light volunteer work for Katrina a couple of years ago and she hasn’t looked back since. Having completed her Certificate III in Dog Training & Behaviour in 2018 through National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia, Eleanor has been a part of the Think Canine team since 2019. Her focus is primarily in areas of dog training are obedience, and trick training. She loves working with dogs and teaching them skills (that are both useful for the owners and fun for the dogs as well). She is also a doggy mum to an 8 year old Border Collie-Kelpie named Frodo.

Katrina Diem

Your Local Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant

As an Accredited Dog Trainer through the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia, Katrina brings extensive knowledge of canine learning theory and conducts her training sessions based on scientifically proven methods. The team regularly attend workshops that feature renowned trainers and behaviourists from around Australia and the world – to help keep up to date on the latest training techniques and behaviour modification programs.
Katrina is also a qualified Veterinary Nurse with over 18 years experience in Brisbane and Toowoomba, with a focus on general practice and emergency nursing.